Some things I've worked on:

SMART - A graphical language for the Internet of Things

SMART (Simple Manipluation and Acutation of Remote Things) allows users to graphically compose applications by tying together their smap connected devices with additional control logic

GA144 Sensortag Control

Replace Sensortag's microprocessor with a GA144. Reads sensor values over i2c.

Software Operated 32Khz Crystal

Using one node of a GA144 multi-computer chip to find a crystals resonant frequency and continually pump it to maintain oscillation.

MAML - the Mega Awesome Microcontroller Language

A language, compiler, and virtual machine. Incrementally compiled bytecode is sent to a VM on an Arduino where it is injected into the main execution loop. The VM can be paused and inspected. Many cool features.


Luamacs is the result of merging the Emacs-lisp and Lua interpreters. Each of the interpreters can lookup/store values and call functions from the other one. Each been extended with a new data type that allows them to manipulate references to values in the others environment.


A contest winning multi-threaded ray tracer.


EEG with datalogger.


Quadratically scaled heatmaps using D3

Labview Mandelbrot Set Viewer

A beautiful fractal made with an ugly language.


A boxlike fractal vaguely similar to the Mandelbrot set.

Mindstorm Maze Robot

Computer controlled pen

A computer controlled pen built from parts taken from a printer and a scanner. Automatically creates drawings from input .png images.

Projection thing

A random geometrical projection. Maybe you know its name?